Panoramic view of Lake Constance from the Pfänder

Bregenz, capital of the Vorarlberg, combines art enjoyment, hospitality, zest for life and a unique symbiosis between the lake and the mountains like no other city. The city is characterised by its natural beauty, the rich and varied artistic attractions, the charming atmosphere and the extensive range of experiences on offer. Nowhere else on Lake Constance do history and modernity come together quite so harmoniously as in Bregenz. Architecture, pleasure and the art of living are all familiar features of the region.

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Bregenz - Modernity and tradition

With the broad spectrum of art, architecture, culture and nature activities, modernity and tradition combine in a unique manner. Bregenz stands for popular values, Bregenz is urbane and, together with its inhabitants, is open to the world and its guests. Bregenz is a city of encounters. The streets of the city centre encourage visitors to linger in the wonderful restaurants and cafés. Since 2013, the heart of Bregenz is once again the Kornmarktplatz, the centre of social life. An urban space with a modern design which fits in with the contemporary architectural landscape.

A cultural stronghold

Renowned for the annual Bregenzer Festspiele which presents spectacular musical works on the world's largest floating stage, this cultural city serves up a wide range of art and cultural events. From the Bregenzer Stadtfest and the Bregenzer Jazz Festival to the Erlebnisstadt, cultural life is actively designed, experienced and shaped.


Cultural life is complemented by a breathtakingly impressive landscape between the Pfänder, Bregenz's emblematic mountain, and Lake Constance.

Must-dos in Bregenz

  • enjoy the breathtaking view from the Pfänder over Lake Constance
  • be seduced by the “Spiel auf dem See” on the world's largest floating stage
  • stroll through the city centre and get to know the social life of the city's inhabitants
  • treat yourself to an ice cream while enjoying a walk along the lakeside promenade
  • experience an unforgettable sunset from the “Fischsteg” and the Sunset steps


The right place at any time of year:

  • Spring tip: 
    dance through the “Lange Nächte der Musik”
  • Summer tip: 
    watch the performances on the floating stage during the Bregenzer Festspiele
  • Autumn tip: 
    enjoy the last warm rays of the sun shining through the glowing forests on the slopes of the Pfänder as you take a stroll
  • Winter tip:
    visit the new Bregenz Christmas market on the lovingly designed Kornmarktplatz

Experiences in Bregenz

MS München on Lake Constance

Passenger ships

A light breeze that strokes your face, rays of sunshine on the water and the scent of summer in the air: That is the Lake Constance Feeling. The best time on Lake Constance is spent on the water....

Kunsthaus Bregenz Fotograf  Matthias Weissengruber | ©  Kunsthaus Bregenz

Kunsthaus Bregenz

KUB is a luminescent body of glass panelling, steel and concrete. When it opened in 1997, the minimalist design by world-famous Swiss architect Peter Zumthor turned heads. Today, the Kunsthaus...

vorarlberg museum

vorarlberg museum

A series of permanent and special exhibitions await you on the vorarlberg museum’s three floors. You can also visit the temporary exhibitions in the museum’s foyer, which is more than 20 meters...

Pfänderbahn Bregenz am Bodensee mit der Bodensee Card PLUS

The Pfänder cable car in Bregenz

Conquer around 600 meters of altitude in six minutes and experience a different world - far away from the hustle and bustle, on the 1064 m high Pfänder. Nature and the view of Lake Constance and 240...

Events in Bregenz

Top event
Festspielhaus Bregenz | © Kongresskultur Bregenz

Bregenz Spring Festival

09. March until 18. April

Since the 90s the dance festival "Bregenzer Frühling" has been a magnet for an international audience. Various world-famous ensembles and unique choreographies inspire a large audience every year....

Christmas Markets in Vorarlberg

15. November until 23. December

Vorarlberg has a large varitety of Christmas markets where culinary delights and craftsmanship await visitors in Bregenz, Dornbirn and Feldkirch.

Top event

Bregenz Festival

17. July until 18. August

The famous opera festival on the world's largest floating stage is held every year during the summer. The actors and audience turn the city into a multicultural meeting point. The floating stage is...

Tours including Bregenz

Birnau abbey church at Lake Constance

Travelling through Baroque Heaven at Lake Constance

3 days
© Photo: Dagmar Schwelle | Marketing und Tourismus Konstanz GmbH

Lake Constance City Hopping

1-3 days

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